Rising Leaders’ Young Entrepreneurship Program

Rising Leaders’ Youth Entrepreneurship/Career Path Program (YEP) is a program developed for youth/young adults ages 6 to 21, both male and female. YEP will introduce them to different career paths at an early age, which will equip them with the necessary skill sets to be successful in a particular field of interest. In today’s society it’s not sufficient enough to just encourage our youth/young adults to get a job. The cost of living is much higher than minimum wage. It’s a must that they’re fully prepared and understand their full potential.

We have developed training workshops that all of our youth/young adults will participate in and complete before moving on to the career training. Our program works with youth/young adults a minimum of six months. YEP has partnered with several businesses and corporations that will work with our youth/young adults in their perspective fields. All of our participants will be introduced to several different career paths. After the youth/young adults identify a career of interest we will assist them in creating a life plan and teach them how to stay on task as they accomplish their goals, working towards completion. There will be several other components attached to the YEP program: such as community service, stipends, extra-curricular activities and a host of networking opportunities.

Our continuous goal is to change the mindset of the youth/young adults so they can write their future toward greatness. In doing so, we are hosting an informative fundraiser, introducing the program to the surrounding communities.

This event will take place on Sat, October 7, 2017 from 12pm-4pm at the Wayne Bryant Center, Lawnside, NJ.

If you're interested in this program for you child, please fill out the below form and we will contact you. Thank you!

Rising Leaders Youth Entrepreneurship Program