Current Projects

Rising Leaders’ Young Entrepreneurship Program

Rising Leaders’ Youth Entrepreneurship/Career Path Program (YEP) is a program developed for youth/young adults ages 6 to 21, both male and female. YEP will introduce them to different career paths at an early age, which will equip them with the necessary skill sets to be successful in a particular field of interest. In today’s society it’s not sufficient enough to just encourage our youth/young adults to get a job.

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Rising Readers Program:

A reading initiative that we have implemented into barbershops and hair salons. Every time a child comes into a salon or shop to get their hair done, they will either read aloud for a few minutes or read a few pages in exchange for a discount on their services. Each participant will have a log to complete, which will allow us to track the participant’s progress.


Rising Leaders Skate Club

An introduction to the sport of skateboarding and to teach kids the fundamentals of the sport. Skateboarding teaches discipline, determination, and courage. It can build confidence and is fun. Skateboarding is inclusive, all ages, sizes, experience levels are welcome, boys and girls.

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